AI-powered Precision Investing & Untapped Data Resources for Real Estate Professionals

Built for real estate teams, Keyway develops AI powered tools that uniquely surface opportunities, increase productivity and provide deal, asset, and market insights.

Keyway is the most reliable and trusted AI analyst, asset manager and partner on every real estate deal.

Keypilot does all the heavy lifting for your most time-consuming tasks with
accuracy and precision – allowing you to focus on higher-impact work.

What does Keyway do?

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KeyBrain: AI-Powered Sourcing & Intelligence

Market & property level insights and analytics to drive smarter investment and asset management decisions

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KeyComps: Multifamily Revenue Management Reimagined

AI driven comps & pricing recommendations based on public data sources

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DocumentAI: Turn Unstructured Data Into A Competitive Edge

Our proprietary model has been tuned to automatically extract information from OMs, property financials, diligence and deal documents

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DealRoom & Asset Manager: Proactively Manage Your Pipeline & Assets with AI-driven Recommendations

Implement in hours, not days, and start getting detailed data driven insights into your pipeline & portfolio

asset management

Let Keyway do the work for you

Data privacy and security

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

Maintaining high standards of data security and operational integrity is part of our core business, and this accomplishment not only mitigates risks associated with data breaches and regulatory penalties, but also ensures our constant commitment to data security and regulatory compliance in everything that we do.

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Data Insights

Keyway leverages AI to synthesize disparate data into actionable insights for your portfolio.

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Data Privacy

The safety and security of your data is our number one priority. Your information is never shared.

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Data Centralization

We consolidate data from presentations, documents and spreadsheets to make critical decision making information easily accessible.

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